Jordan - The Uncharted Territory

From a very young age I had the fascination for travel and understanding people and cultures and I have been doing it ever since,  and doing it so far. Now, in these many years I have seen my share of things while being on the road, but the one thing that I have seen more than once was an Indian wedding happening where I was travelling (Kota Kinabalu / Hua Hin / Surabaya). I did a little search and found that we have not left a stone unturned when it comes to doing Destination Marriages, the middle east were no one would have thought of has also been explored. But the one place that did not show up was Jordan. So, early last year I set my mind on Jordan and took flight for this unexplored country and at the end of it all I was not at all disappointed. People out there who are looking for a new Destination, this is it, a place in the Middle East that stands out from the rest and a few reasons why you need to consider it as your place of choice.


Hospitable and Friendly People

‘Ahlan wa Sahlan’, which in English means ‘I welcome you’, a word which I kept hearing from the moment I was at the immigration counter to the streets of Amman while walking around the city. One thing that I noticed was that the people of this country seem to be at Peace with everyone and everything around them and with this has come along this very nature of being friendly and welcoming to travelers and guests alike. Who wouldn’t like to be in such a country for a special occasion?


The most important aspect of it all when to comes to marriages. Well, Jordan enjoys great weather throughout the year, with a maximum of 20 Degrees in October and a maximum of 24 Degrees in May, its just the perfect place, that’s the time when most Of the Indian Marriages Happen. This makes it an ideal Wedding Destination too.


Historical Venues

This was the most baffling and exciting part of being in Jordan, 53 kms from the Capital Amman is the City of Jerash, a historical Jem, a place famous for its Roman Ruins. It’s the only place outside of Italy to boast Roman Architecture. Another Venue that has its roots to the Roman times is the Citadel in the Capital city of Amman. You might be wondering why I am mentioning this to you all, simply because these venues can be hired from the authorities and one can have a magnificent and a memorable evening. And that’s not it, you can awe your guest with an hour long Gladiator show at the Hippodrome in Jerash.



Dead Sea

A visit to the Dead Sea is a must while in Jordan. Just 60 KMS from the capital city of Amman. One has to keep some time off after the marriage ceremonies to witness this natural wonder. Float on the water, try some mud  on yourself and soak yourself into the moment and relax at the lowest point in Earth.



The Fabled ‘Red Rose City’ situated in the south of Jordan is 243kms from the Capital Amman. I mention Petra and ask you all it to be part of your Event no matter the Distance because it makes up for a great Pre Wedding shoot . Every picture shot here will be worth the time and money spent, and with the permission from the authorities one can have a great Pre-wedding shoot during the evening hours when the Petra is lit up with candles around it, giving a heavenly look all around it.


Is Jordan Safe

I have only one word for this to tell everyone – Absolutely ! There is nothing to worry in the way most of them tend to think about. It’s the most Stable and progressive country in the Middle East. Honestly speaking, You just have to stop believing everything the media says, this is my own observation of it all.


I would highly recommend this place to  folks out there who are planning to Choose a Destination, a Destination which will leave you and your Guests awestruck with the beauty of this land named Jordan, see you soon there.

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