Destination Wedding On Your Mind?

This blog post started off with a bet with my aunts that I thought I was going to lose. My mum’s three sisters are hopelessly addicted to soaps especially saas-bahu serials. When they are watching it, heaven help you if you so much as sneeze. I’m not kidding. 

So, when I got a message from my other half saying that he was okay with my plans for our destination wedding. I screamed in delight! And all hell broke loose. It took my aunts 15 minutes to understand that everything was okay. It took another 15 minutes for my mother and me to explain what a destination wedding was.  

“Surely your TV actors have destination weddings?” I exclaimed. It was followed by a vigorous shaking of heads. “These people are not like you,” said my eldest aunt waving her finger at me. “No no no - these are good boys and good girls. They have traditional weddings in their own towns.”  I was determined to prove them wrong. And it was tough as most TV actors did prefer traditional weddings. But I did stumble across these ones!

Rajat Tokas and Shrishti Nayyar 

These two had my dream destination wedding: Jagmandir Palace in Udaipur. For those of you not in the know, Rajat plays Akbar in the TV show Jodha Akbar. My youngest aunt finds him very good looking. The wedding was a four-day affair in which the palace was booked for the family. Very romantic!


Archana Vijaya and Dheeraj Puri

What happens when a Bong beauty wants to get married to her boyfriend of two years? They go to Thailand (this is the destination that my other half and I are thinking of). It was a spectacular beach wedding at Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa - about an hour away from Pattaya on Thailand’s east coast.


Nigaar Khan and Khayyam Sheikh 

My aunts were quite heartbroken when they thought that Nigaar Khan would disappear from our screens. Supermodel and TV’s favourite vamp, Nigaar got married to her Abu Dhabi based boyfriend in 2015. The two tied the knot at a destination wedding in Dubai. The wedding photos are spectacular and were released on Instagram (something that I am planning to do too).


Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal

These guys got married in Goa - my all time favorite holiday place. What I loved about their destination wedding is that they got married on a private beach in January 2015. I loved the fact that they posed for photos with a beautiful sunset behind them.



Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dhiya

Why have your wedding and reception in one city? Do it TV style and have it in two. That’s what Divyanka and Vivek did. The two had met on the sets of Ye Hai Mohabbatein (I know my TV because of my aunts)! The wedding was at Bhopal while the reception was in Vivek’s hometown, Chandigarh. The photos looked really elaborate and they are a stunning couple.



Okay - I’m armed with my information now. Time to go and talk to my aunts before their serials start!

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