Packing Hacks for Destination Weddings

My friend Preeti got married in Bali a few years ago. It was just as her invitation promised: “lots of dancing and fun in an exotic location”. The scenery was picture perfect: a newly married couple in paradise dancing as if they didn’t have a care in the world.


A few months ago, when I was planning my own wedding, I happened to bump into Preeti rather unexpectedly. My other half and I were thinking about a destination wedding since our families live in different cities. A wedding mid way with our closest family and friends present seemed perfect. 


“What do you mean you haven’t got a packing list yet?” Preeti demanded when I told her of our plans.


That’s when I realized the most important rule of packing for a destination wedding: start early.

Travel In Style

I love how cool and collected celebs look when they travel. I always pack clothes that are comfortable and stylish just in case I can photo bomb a celeb. If you’re travelling by air, wear comfortable shoes: water retention can be your worst enemy. I swear that my feet swell - even on short-haul flights.

There are going to be lots of photos taken while you travel, it is your wedding after all. So remember to smile.

Wedding Dresses


Never, ever check in your wedding dress or his if you are flying. I remember a distressed bride-to-be in Delhi wailing that her suitcase with her lehenga and shoes had not arrived. Always carry your wedding dress, underwear, shoes, make-up and accessories in hand luggage. Jewellery and expensive items should always be in hand luggage. I take along sample sized perfumes and moisturizers when travelling - any liquid under 100 ml can be carried in hand luggage. If you are having a separate reception, do remember to pack your outfit with you. 

A tracksuit or a bathrobe is great for hanging out in while your hair and make up is done for your wedding/reception. There will be photos taken - so be warned! You can take more casual clothes if staying longer but do make sure that they are pretty - as you are the star of the show!



Keep your passport handy if travelling. If you are getting married in a different country, then check their marriage document requirement list as soon as possible. Different countries have different rules - did you know that the UK even has a separate visa for couples planning destination weddings?



Check with your doctor if you’re going overseas. It’s always better to get your medication locally - even if you are travelling within India. If you wear contact lenses, make sure you have enough lenses and solution. I hate coming down to the last strip and then realizing that I need to beg the optician for more asap.


Remember your charger and any wires you have. I’ve had trips where I’ve forgotten chargers for my phone or laptop. Now, I put all my wires in a mesh bag in my hand luggage. Mission accomplished!

Also, if you’re travelling overseas, an international adapter is invaluable. Some hotels do have them. But I was at a posh Australian hotel last year - with not a single international adapter to be found. So be warned.

Phew! That’s it from me. I am sure that you are probably a lot more organized than I am. I’m so glad that I got Preeti to help me, so I will let you know how things work out. In the meantime, plan early and enjoy one of the happiest days of your life!

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