Why Should You have A Beach Wedding

I spent most of my childhood running around in bare feet. There was something magical about feeling springy green grass under my soles during summer or the splashing in the warmth of a puddle with my brothers after the fresh monsoon rains. 

 Of course, I’ve grown up now and graduated into stilettos and city life, but there’s still a part of me that longs for my childhood summers, nature - and wandering around in bare feet.

 On another story, my parents had been looking for a match for me for a while. “There will be no more good looking men if you wait anymore!” my mother would say.

 At that point, I had agreed to her finding someone for me just to get her off my back. 

 Two years, later, she put me in touch with Rahul, a son of a family friend. Rahul and I clicked immediately. We were both chilled out and had similar interests. More importantly (much to the shock of our families), neither of us wanted an extravagant wedding. 

 It was Rahul who came up with the idea of a beach wedding in Goa.


Rule #1: You have to be chilled out

If you guys are planning a beach wedding like we are, you can’t afford to be fussy. There will be sand on your wedding dress and between your perfectly manicured toes. 

If frills and sequins are your style, a beach wedding may not be. I’m sticking to a simple yet elegant salmon pink lehenga with golden sandals. So, skip the Swarovski sister and while you’re at it, ditch the high heels.


Rule #2: The weather is worth it

I’m a nature lover and addicted to summer. Come winter and you’ll find me clutching my blanket. What I loved about our December wedding plans is that it’s going to be warm. The sky will still be blue and we don’t have to dress in layers. 


Rule #3: You don’t want the world watching

 My mother initially hated this part but Rahul and I loved it. With a destination beach wedding, you won’t need to invite extended family and friends. A lot of people won’t be able to make it because of their busy schedules. 

If it’s a small and intimate wedding by the ocean you want, then this is for you. 

We ended up with a list of 25 people apart from family who mean the world to us. My favourite part about our wedding is that we get to spend time with our near and dear ones. If we’d gone for a traditional wedding, we’d only have a few hours to spend with them.


Rule #4: You’re up for an adventure

My family eventually warmed up to the idea of a beach wedding. From experience, it only works if your family and friends are open to doing something different.

My brothers and the other boys are excited about water sports now while the women are keen to try out massages and Goan cuisine. In fact, I heard my mother tell my aunty that the Goan beach wedding was the best idea I’d come up with!


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